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Your products, our focus

Your products, our focus

Bring craftsmanship and quality to your operations with a bakery conveyor belt system from NewCap Bakery Services.

We are specialists in designing and manufacturing flexible solutions for industrial bakeries. All NewCap’s production lines are tailored to our customers. Customisation is crucial to achieve the best possible results and that is what our team aims for.


If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are ready to assist you with information and advice and we can deliver our high-quality customised solutions anywhere in the world.

NewCap specialises in:

Our products

NewCap will seek the best "tailor-made" solution for your company with your input.

NewCap has a number of solutions for loading and unloading ovens: a Universal Loader/Unloader, Scrabble Loader/Unloader and the Combination Scrabble Belt.

NewCap supplies a wide range of conveyor belts for moving baking forms, baking trays, peel boards and, of course, your end products.

NewCap has various options for removing products from baking tins: Pick & Place depanner, In-line vacuum depanner, Scrabble depanner, Needle depanner, Push depanner.

We can recommend the following machines from our range for cleaning your baking forms: Cleancap, Capbrush, Washing machine.

For cooling baking forms or baking trays, NewCap’s range includes an in-line cooling system.

NewCap is the expert when it comes to storing your baking forms. NewCap can offer a fitting solution for every situation, such as its Stepstore, Robogrip or Robocap.

If you need to grease your baking tins, a tin greasing machine from NewCap will reduce your consumption of lubricants, give you a cleaner workplace and reduce your cleaning expenses.

NewCap supplies a complete range of proving systems. The NewCap proving systems are custom-made and contribute towards a safe production process.

We have all sorts of equipment that can add decoration and/or one or more decorative cuts to your product at just the right moment in the process.


NewCap has three types of lid-handling solutions: a Pick’n Place machine, an In-line lid-handling machine and Robocap

We have various well-developed solutions for cooling your products effectively and efficiently.

Our service is provided by our experienced and motivated Service staff. We can also supply all your spare parts from the former company, Capway.

Our organization is ready for the future

NewCap is a Dutch manufacturer of industrial bakery equipment. An experienced group of dynamic, energetic people work for our great company. NewCap is a subsidiary of the Dutch manufacturing company, Machinefabriek Verhoeven, based in Oss, the Netherlands, which serves to guarantee our quality. 

Whatever bakery products you produce: tin-baked bread, buns and rolls, artisan bread or anything else, NewCap has the solutions you need. We can build high-quality production lines for you which will give you the edge over your competitors.

All NewCap’s production lines are tailored to our customers. Our sales staff and engineers in Houten develop custom-made products that correspond precisely to the customer’s wishes. Production then takes place in our 15,000-m2 engineering works in Oss. All conveyor belt installations are assembled and tested comprehensively before they are sent all over the world to help in the production of professional bakery products.

High safety standards, innovative techniques and fast delivery times together ensure a perfect product for the customer. That is the quality NewCap represents!