A NEW name has appeared in the bakery world: NEWCAP BAKERY SERVICES B.V. Set up by Verhoeven Oss, this is a strong new company with very experienced workers brimming with skill and expertise.


Origins of NewCap

NewCap was set up by “Verhoeven Oss” in early 2015. Verhoeven wanted to specialise even more in the bread sector and was able to attract key employees from Capway Systems Nederland, which had gone bankrupt. As a result, expertise and technology have remained connected. This close-knit team of experienced, dynamic and energetic workers operates from the branch office in Houten, the Netherlands.


Perfect combination

NewCap’s expertise is a perfect addition to the already existing bakery activities of its sister company, BVT. BVT has always focused on customers with “laminate and sheeting technology”. NewCap’s origins mainly lie in supplying complete handling systems to customers who make use of the conventional way of baking bread: “Dividing and Rounding”.


Customisation and professionalism

All NewCap’s production lines are tailored to our customers. The sales engineers in Houten develop customised solutions. Production takes place in our 15,000-m2 engineering works in Oss. All our bakery production lines are assembled and tested comprehensively before they are sent to their destinations all over the world. A “perfect product” for the customer, high quality, reliable and fast delivery times, innovative techniques: that’s what NewCap is all about!


Range of products and options

We are able to solve any challenge when it comes to the industrial handling of bread and confectionery products thanks to over 40 years’ experience in the bakery world. NewCap works with its customers to examine their specific wishes, the space they have available and their budget in order to produce the best possible production line configuration. NewCap is shown to its best advantage when developing complete production lines. However, we also supply individual components such as proving systems, cooling systems, buffer and storage systems, conveyor belts, oven loading and unloading systems, cleaning and greasing systems and packaging systems complete with software.


Service and spare parts

In conjunction with BVT, NewCap has its own service department that is manned 24/7. Our field staff, comprising more than 20 experienced service engineers, carries out inspections, preventive maintenance, supplies spare parts and carries out repairs to production lines all over the world on a daily basis. We can service almost any installation!

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